Property investing terminology explained

Investing in property is hard even before you come across all the financial terminology. Here at Property Bridges, we have outlined and explained some of the most used terminology and what it actually means such as LTV, LTC, LTGDV, GDV, NDV, security and what is actually a strong interest return? Please do not hesitate to... Continue Reading →

Long Term Positive, Short Term Brutal

The onset of COVID19 has had a severe human cost and has caused ruptions in markets around the world. Equity markets are down on average 25% around the world, Irish bank shares are down over 60%, interest rates have been slashed, oil has crashed, gold is soaring and the Property market is in pause mode.... Continue Reading →

Case Study: Sandycove

Purpose of this Case Study The purpose of this case study is to provide an overview of how a typical loan process works, using the example of our previous loans in Sandycove which was a Mews Development. This case study covers the process of Due Diligence, Site Visits, Loan Overviews and Investor Insights. Loan Overview... Continue Reading →

Lender Update – Survey Results

Survey Results Nicholas Treanor and Property Bridges would like to thank all of the people who took the time to complete the survey we carried out in December.  It was of great assistance and the feedback we have received on the research findings to date has been extremely positive. Below are 4 of the key findings of the... Continue Reading →

There is no Catch Amelia

A question from an intrigued potential investor was sent into Bob Quinn from The Money Advisors which was published in last week's Sunday Independent. See the question and response below as well as our comments.

Upcoming Pipeline and Existing Loans

SUMMER UPDATE AT PROPERTY BRIDGES Following our partnership with Lagan Investments, we have been working on a number of larger projects throughout the country. As we write this email we are doing due diligence on two separate projects that are both likely to be our largest loans to date, in County Monaghan and Westmeath and... Continue Reading →

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